Farmers Market of Keene – Homeless!

As you know, Bruce was a founder and, 15 years later, is still one of the Coordinators of the Farmers Market of Keene. He learned last Tuesday (March 17, 2015) that the market, due to open in only 6 weeks, IS HOMELESS!!

The Keene Sentinel has graciously given me permission to post its articles on this subject. (Please get permission if you want to repost!)

The public first heard of this problem when Ella Nilsen’s article appeared in the Sentinel on March 20.

With just six weeks until opening day, the Farmers’ Market of Keene will have to find a new location. The market’s usual spot in the Commercial Street parking lot will be occupied all summer …  according to Keene Parking Project Manager Gary P. Lamoureux …

Market Coordinator Bruce Bickford said when Lamoureux delivered the news on Tuesday, it came as a shock.

Read the whole article here or check the Sentinel’s website.

Wednesday’s (March 25) issue, along with another article, had a great front page, above-the-fold photo by Michael Moore. It shows Bruce and the greens we will all be eating when they grow up for the start of the CSA season.

Bruce with loads of baby greens











Martha Shanahan’s article stresses the concern Bruce and other coordinators have about the toll this problem could take on the market.

If the schedule is thrown off or the location is changed, farmers will lose an important opportunity to make back the money they spent on production expenses during the growing season, Bickford said.

Read Wednesday’s article here or check the Sentinel’s website.

The Sentinel has carried articles on the homeless market daily since Wednesday as I write this on Saturday, March 28. Please check them out!

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Farm Featured in the Monadnock Shopper Today!

Abenaki Springs Farm, and the early bird CSA discount, were featured on the front page  of the Monadnock Shopper’s January 23-29, 2013 issue (above the fold!)! If you missed it, you can read it here.

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Save $50 on a full share, $25 on a half share!

Early Bird Discount If Paid By Feb 15

Save $50 on a full share, $25 on a half share!

It is already time to be ordering the seeds and supplies necessary to make produce appear in May, nearly four months away.

To encourage and reward customers for helping to finance these purchases, the early bird special offers a significant discount on share price.

Customers paying for CSA shares by February 15th will receive a discount on the price of their share. A full share, which is typically enough produce for a family of 4, costs $600. Before February 15, the price is only $550. A half share, which is typically enough for a couple of people, costs $300. Before February 15th, the price is only $275.

Review the CSA page for full details on CSA membership in the farm.

To take advantage of the early bird special, join now:

  • Digitally: If you bank online, you can email back the digital version of the early bird CSA sign up form. It is a Word document with data blanks; just click in the blanks to fill out the form. Use the payee information on the form to tell your bank where to send the check.
  • By snail mail: If you will snail mail your check, download the print version of the early bird CSA sign up form. Send it, with your check to:
    Abenaki Springs Farm
    PO Box 33
    Walpole, NH 03608

Questions? Call Bruce at 603-209-7100.

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