About Us


Abenaki Springs Farm was started in 1997 on a rich plain in Walpole, NH. We grow five acres of certified organic vegetables and berries that we sell through farmers markets, CSA, our road side farm stand, a local food hub, and a few restaurants and farm stands. We also raise pastured turkeys, chickens, and pork that are not certified, but are produced using the same organic standards.  We believe that soil health is the key to nutrient density and we utilize growing practices that are designed to increase organic matter and biological activity. It is our goal to regenerate the land for future generations while providing optimal nutrient rich food. 

In 2021 we joined the Real Organic Project, which you can learn more about here

Bruce Bickford has been farming since his early twenties. He managed Hutchins Farm in Concord, Massachusetts for 12 years before moving to Walpole, New Hampshire and starting Abenaki Springs Farm. Kirsten starting farming while WWOOFING in California. She then ran her own CSA in New Hampshire for a few years before meeting bruce. Together, Bruce and Kirsten manage the production, harvest, and sales of Abenaki Springs Farm.


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Since then, Bruce has increased the farm’s productive acreage from the original 3 acres to 11 acres, and had secured organic certification on all 11 acres. He has added four greenhouses to ensure production through 3 seasons, and installed a rm-wide irrigation system. This irrigation will ensure increased and consistent production despite unforeseen periods of drought.

Though the farm is not certified organic at the moment, we continue to use practices that exceed the requirements for organic certification.

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