We’re offering a very limited amount of meat CSA shares this year. We started offering this two years ago as a way to help us with the cost of grain, and it has been a success! We raise all our poultry and pigs on pasture and supplement with 100% organic grain from Green Mountain Feed in Vermont.

Each meat CSA member will receive:

10 whole chickens (5 in August, 5 in October)

1 Thanksgiving turkey (the week of Thanksgiving)

1/4 of a pig (various cuts such as roasts, ribs, chops bacon, ham, & ground)

The cost is $625. A deposit of $300 is due at the time of sign up, and the remainder of the balance is due August 1st. If you’d like to join, please fill out the form below along with payment.


2022 Meat CSA

Includes 4% credit card processing fee.


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