We offer a very limited amount of meat CSA shares. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

By signing up for the meat CSA, you’ll receive the following:

1 medium sized (12-18#) Turkey (available the week of Thanksgiving)

10 whole Chickens (5 in August, 5 in October)

1/4 Pig (available in November)

We raise all of our animals on pasture and feed them 100% organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds. We process our animals on farm, which means less stress on the animals and higher quality control. Our animals live very happy, healthy lives the way nature intended: outside on grass, eating bugs, compost, grazing, and running around freely.

We recommend the meat CSA for folks who have freezer space, as you’ll be receiving multiple quantities at once. By joining our meat CSA, you’ll have access to high quality, nutrient dense, pastured meat that is raised and processed with integrity.

We chose to implement a meat CSA because the cost of grain is increasing, and the CSA model is a wonderful model that develops relationships between farmers and consumers that are mutually beneficial. We will be able to purchase grain in advance knowing that the meat is already sold, therefore decreasing our overall costs.

Cost is $625. $300 deposit is needed at time of sign up, with the remainder $325 due by August 1st.

Send payment via check or cash through mail, or via credit card below. Please note there is a 3% service fee that is charged for credit card payments.


Join our meat CSA and receive 1 Thanksgiving Turkey, 10 whole chickens, and a wide variety of pork cuts (bacon, chops, ham, roasts, ground). All of our animals are raised free-range, outside on pasture and fed organic grain. $643 includes the 3% processing fee.


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